A collision between a pickup truck and a car in Butler, New Jersey, on March 13 shows the possible consequences of driving through a red light. The driver of the car, a resident of West Milford, suffered potentially fatal injuries in the accident. Meanwhile, the truck driver is facing criminal charges.

According to police, the accident took place on Route 23 a little after 11 a.m. The truck driver, a 26-year-old Hewitt man, was driving his Ford F-350 southbound when he reached an intersection with a red light. Rather than stop for the light, the driver entered the intersection, where a woman was driving on the cross street, police said.

The large truck crashed into the car, causing damage extensive enough to force emergency responders to extricate her from the vehicle. They found the woman had suffered severe injuries. She was airlifted to a hospital in Paterson, where she was listed in serious condition as of later that same day. The exact nature of the woman's injuries is not clear from news reports.

The man suspected of causing the accident was not injured. Police arrested him and charged him with careless driving, disregard of a traffic control device and failure to show a valid insurance document for the truck.

Often, many of us find ourselves behind schedule. But trying to "make up time on the road" by driving recklessly can lead to serious injuries, including potential fatalities. Those who are the victims of accidents due to drivers running red lights and other reckless maneuvers can face permanent disabilities and lose the ability to work.

Source: Dailyrecord.com, "Woman serious after Rt. 23 crash," March 13, 2012